iPhone Disaster Averted at College

It was a regular day full of my college duties and activities. After finishing the morning classes in San Antonio, I went to a local store to get some sweets, my favorite kind of food when I need extra energy. My money is always in the left pocket, where I sometimes keep my iPhone. When I reached for money, the phone popped out of the pocket.

Everything happened in a second. I did not have time to react.

The phone was down, facing the screen to the floor. One thought passed through my head – “Hope my screen is not broken”. It was. My iPhone 5 was destroyed. I hoped the damage was not huge and I wished that iPhone repair was possible. The next step was a local repair store where specialists could help me. My friend told me about the closest store and I went there the next day. They repair Apple iPhones and other mobile devices in very short time.

I entered the store and a guy who worked there saw me with the phone in my hand. He asked me what the problem with it was and I showed the broken screen. He smiled and said – “Don’t worry, we’ll fix it”. I felt huge relief and based on my friend’s experience, I was sure they would fix my iPhone. In less than an hour, they called me to pick up the phone. It was like new. The screen was replaced and they explained to me how they repaired it. A few screws must be removed and the old screen is held with a suction cup and safely removed after proper unscrewing. I’m forever grateful to the phone repair guys at Tech Loft Found out they also provide iPod repair in San Antonio so I’m going to tell my music loving friend.

What was the outcome? The new screen worked perfectly and I could use the phone again. Since that, I have never held my iPhone in a pocket. It is always in my bag, which is the safest place for it. I keep it carefully now.

Found this video about them in case anyone is interested: